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Firework Safety for Kids & Animals

July 4th is coming up… that means Bonfires and Fireworks!

Did you know that on July 4th more dogs go missing than any other day of the year?! Many dogs are scared of loud noises and will take off in fear of the fireworks. Please keep this in mind as firework season is approaching and be conscience about when and where you are enjoying the festivities.

Wendy's Dog Scooby(see cute face below) is one such dog. Poor guy is terrified of fireworks and shakes the entire time and will hightail any chance he gets. Please think of others, human and fur people before you begin lighting off fireworks. All the scared pooches and their owners thank you!

Its not only our fur babies we need to worry about this summer. If you’re kids are anything like our kids, they LOVE firework and bonfire season!! We have a fun time every summer making s'mores and sitting around a bonfire. However, there are many things to keep in mind while you’re having bonfires.

  • Build bonfires in a safe location, away from danger

  • Ensure that your bonfire is stable and remember to never light it with a flammable liquid.

  • Keep everyone well back from open fires and ensure children are supervised at all times

  • Keep a bucket of water handy.

  • Always pour water on the embers before leaving the bonfire at the end of the bonfire party.

  • Always keep your fireworks in a closed metal box and take them out one at a time. And remember children should not have access to or be near fireworks.

  • Always follow the instructions when using fireworks and if it is dark always read them by torchlight and never by a naked flame.

  • Ensure you only buy fireworks from reputable retailers

  • Always light fireworks at arm’s length with a taper. You must never return to a lit firework and never throw a spent firework on a bonfire

  • Always hold sparklers at arm's length and wear gloves when handling them. Once the sparklers are out make sure you put them in a bucket of water.

Did you know that sparklers get five times hotter than cooking oil?!

They burn at 1200 degrees!

They should not be given to a child under five, and any child older than five with strict supervision.

We want families with children to enjoy fireworks but we also want to make sure that children understand that they can be dangerous if they are not used properly. Each year over half of all firework injuries are suffered by children.

There is nothing more important than keeping your kiddos safe!

From our families to yours, we hope everyone has a fun and safe 4th of July and Summer!